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Just had to write and let you know how wonderful Momma Bear's shaving soaps are. I recently purchased Rosemary Mint, Marauders Citrus, Dragons Blood and Aged Spice. The scents of the soaps are simply intoxicating while the lather, cushion and glide are exceptional.

Thank you Momma Bear for creating such a wonderful product...Look forward to adding some more to my collection.
Testimonial By: Gregory Maya

Excellent winter AS

I received the winter aftershave and shaving stick last week, and both are great items. The mix of citrus, lavender, and mint are an excellent combination, even my girlfriend likes it. Look forward to purchasing more unique items.

Testimonial By: Benjamin Arroyo

Fantastic Stuff

I've been using a particular shaving soap for a while now, and although it's not the best, it got the job done. But that was until I received a new tub in the mail the other day. I used it this morning, and I had the Best. Shave. Ever. Putting it on was like painting a cloud on my face (I know, odd imagery, but it's true), and there was no irritation afterwards. Plus, I went with the Old Spice fragrance, and the scent has lingered all day long.

You have made my morning routine so much more pleasurable. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Ben Parsons

Great Products

The shave soap makes such great lather, the Dragons Blood is heavenly.
I also love the bath soaps. Great service, great products, and quick shipping, what more can one ask?
Thanks Sue
Testimonial By: Steve Schott

Ye Olde Barbership is a delight.

I'm a recent returnee to wet shaving after originally learning on one, then moving to disposable/cartridge shaving for a few decades. In my research for quality products, I read a lot of good things about Mama Bear Soaps. I decided to try Ye Old Barbershop shaving soap, and ordered two jars (one for each of my frequent living locations).

After just a few shaves, I wanted to say that the quality, aroma and lather consistency of this soap is beyond what I hoped. Someone on "Badger and Blade" commented on the delightful aroma that brought back memories of the old barbershops we visited as kids, and that sentiment was right on the money. But, even better was the quality lather and terrific shaves I receive with this great soap. I wanted to recommend it (and your other products) to all new wet shavers.

And, thanks for the samples you included in the box!
Testimonial By: Joseph Dougherty

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