Natural Soy candles produce less soot, burn longer and distribute more fragrance than paraffin candles and are a healthier alternative to fragrancing a home. All of the soy candles we sell are hand made and super scented with either fragrance or essential oils. Soy candles burn clean with no soot and hold fragrance excellently. 
The wooden wick candles are wonderful, you can hear a little crackling sound while they burn which is extremely soothing, plus they are all natural and have no lead content. You will find that many of my scents can be considered unisex.. indeed there are florals, however ALL of the candles I make, I create with men in mind... or to match a man's shaving or bath soap.
We will not ship these during the summer months when it gets really hot as they have a low melting point.
These are being discontinued and are 10% off. 

Bacon Scented 12 oz Wood Wick Soy Enamelware Container candle

Bacon Scented 12 oz Wood Wick Soy Enamelware Container candle

 The authentic smell of bacon.  Did you know?   The average American consumes 17 pounds of bacon each year.  And yet, another fact about bacon...



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