Handmade Soaps from the Upper Peninsula of

Michigan's Northwoods

Hand crafted soaps made in Felch, MI.

Shaving and Bath Soaps available in over 100 different scents!


Special Save 10% off any $100 or more order 

Coupon code- 100

I am a one person business and ship within 5 days. I really appreciate your support of my small business! I ship USPS because it is the closest to where I live. I am 35 miles from UPS and only go to town once a week. I am willing to ship UPS if you give me up to a week to ship out your order. Also, if you prefer to order or pay over the phone, please call me (Jennifer-Mama Bear) at 906-221-5937 or contact me at mamabearssoaps@gmail.com to make arrangements. 


Also, I canceled my mailchimp account because they raised the fee to $80 a month and it wasn't cost effective for me. I am making an email list personally to send any future sale emails out, so maybe one email a month. Would you like me to add you to the list? If so, email me at mamabearssoaps@gmail.com or mention it in the shipping comments. If you were prevoiusly on my list, you are no longer on there to receive them.


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