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Great performance and a great bargain

I purchased a shave stick, two 1.5 oz pucks, and a full-size 5oz puck (for a $5 sale!). This was not my first Mama Bear purchase, but my first one directly from the website and not through a retailer.

First thing I'll say is that this lady knows menthol. If you like a mentholated shave soap, you absolutely must try one of her mentholated soaps. The cooling sensation is strong, but not so much that it will make you cry.

Second thing I'll say is that the soaps load and lather quite easily, with any brush. Slickness and cushion are on par with any other artisan soap on the market.

Third thing: This lady is great with scents. All the soaps have a pleasant scent that is prominent but not overbearing. I have one of her cologne-inspired soaps. While I don't own the cologne that inspired it, the scent is very pleasant.

Last thing I'll say is that this lady knows how to offer a great value. Sher periodically offers 5oz pucks for $5.00, which is unbeatable. What is also great is that she offers 1.5oz pucks for only $3.99 (at the time of this review). As do many wetshavers, I rotate through a lot of software in my den. 1.5oz will last me quite some time. I also love that the 1.5oz pucks are a smaller diameter, and fit perfectly in my mug. Brilliant, I say!

Keep it up, Mama Bear!!
Testimonial By: Robert Schulman — Highwood, IL

dragons blood shave soap

hi john here got my dragons blood shave soap and tried it last night and was amazed at the latherput it to you this way i wont use anything but your shave soap excellent product thanks john rutkowsky
Testimonial By: john rutkowsky — st catharines, ON, Canada

Great Shave Soaps for the Ladies

I treated myself to some small and full size pucks for Christmas.

Listen up, ladies! These don?t scum up your tub like tallow based or creams. They smell great but the scent doesn?t linger and interfere if you want to wear perfume and they lather so easy you can even use a poof if you don?t want to get a brush. Just try it! I can?t wait to use what I have and try more of the florals and mentholated soaps!
Testimonial By: Harriet Johnson — speedway, IN, United States

Great Shave Soaps

I just received my first order. I treated myself with my Christmas money!

I ordered three sample size pucks, some full size pucks, some empty sticks, and an empty tub. Ordering was easy and everything came earlier than quoted. Awesome! I love everything so far. I?m a lady leg shaver and I love that the scents don?t linger and interfere with my perfume. Also, these soaps don?t leave scum in the tub like others I?ve used. Ladies, get yourself some of these great smelling and performing shave soaps! The lather easy with a poof too!
Testimonial By: Jeanette Mcgavic — speedway, IN, United States

By Far the Very Best Shave Soap

I have ordered a handful of products over the years and have to say that every time I'm blown away by the quality of the soap. There's a tremendous selection to choose from so you really can't go wrong. Keep up the great work Mama Bear!
Testimonial By: Glen Marquis — Biddeford, ME, United States

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