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Fantastic product

I found this website immediately after I started becoming interested in old school wet shaving. I bought my first brush and a cake of shaving soap on Amazon and was super disappointed with the lack luster scent and suds from that soap. So I went a-hunting. Lo and behold, I found this website. A puck of Dublin Tweed and a sample sliver of Code Black later, I was hooked. These soaps offer great leather, incredible scents, and are good for your skin. Paired with a straight razor, a shavette, or a safety razor, these soaps can't be beat. If you're considering switching over to wet shaving, which I'd highly recommend (saves a TON on new razor blades) you'd best try out some of MamaBear's soap to become a part of your shaving regime. I've tried their aftershave and cologne, as well as their bath soaps (I use it in the shower, but let's not split hairs) and they're all very good. The aftershave is effective, the cologne is fantastic, and the soap makes my skin happy, and they all smell fantastic.
Testimonial By: Bradley Whittaker — Cass City, MI, United States

Unbelievable Products!

I received my package yesterday and tried everything this morning. The coco butter soap, to the multiple save soaps and samples. Tired a different fragrance for each pass and the soaps stayed nice and slick. The mentholated after shave is the most amazing thing I've ever tried. I have been using a different after shave for years that's half the price but no where near the quality. It requires 1/3 the amount compared to my old stuff and the menthol is heavenly. It has been over 4 hours now and I can still smell the added musk scent and my face feels amazing. Will be buying more very soon.
Testimonial By: David Mottern — Lakeland, FL, United States

Mama Bear Shaving Soaps

Mama Bear shaving soaps have now become my go to source for my shaving soaps! The scents are terrific and the lather is unbeatable! This is my second time ordering for myself. I order samples along with pucks that I have already tried samples of. This way I can find out what scents I like best before placing a full order. Even the sliver samples smell great and have great lather! I also bought shaving soaps for my brother for Christmas and he loves them too!!! As long as Mama Bear continues to sell shaving soap she now has another new lifetime customer! If you are new to Mama Bear soaps give them a try! You will not be disappointed!!
Testimonial By: Gene Jonas — Otterbein, IN, United States

Great Market Scents

Fast delivery and great communication via Email. The scents smell fantastic and lather up very nicely with my badger hair brush! I find that a soaked brush loaded with soap actually creates ample suds just by lathering on my face. Skip the bowl altogether! The aftershave in Aged Spice came out wonderful as well, with the menthol summer mix being a nice change from the alcohol based ones I currently use.
Testimonial By: Marc Baker — Columbus, GA, United States

Aromatic cherry pipe tobacco shaving soap

It takes a bit of getting use to but I love the aromatic cherry pipe tobacco shaving soap. It reminds me of the fragrance of pipe tobacco smoke. I'll be ordering several pucks. I think this will give me an excuse to just wash my face even if I had just shaved.
Testimonial By: jack andrew — Kissimmee, FL, United States

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