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I love barber shop soap

There are several things I like about mama bears soaps. 1. You have three sizes to choose from a. sliver sample b. 1.5 ounce puck c. 5 ounce puck d. 5 ounces with container. This is fine if you got limited space in your toiletry bag. I wish the bowl container was larger and held 200 grams of soap. I think that would be almost six ounces of soap. Right now I am very well stocked with soaps and is why I am putting together a sliver sample order of at least 20 soaps to sniff test. I figure that I am the best judge of what I like. By the way I will give five stars to the Barber shop soap my current particular favorite.
Testimonial By: jack andrew — Kissimmee, FL, United States

6 Best Scents

I'm new to wet shaving so I'm trying out a lot of different soap brands. I came across Mama Bears sight and ordered 26 sample slivers to help me determine which scents I liked best. I received the order very promptly and went through all of the scents. Of the 26 that I ordered 6 really stood out. In no particular order of prefference they are Joop, Cannabis Santal, Aged Spice, Autumn Lodge, Ocean Rain, and Ye Olde Barbershop. I ordered the 1.5 oz puck of each of these. When I receive these and actually have a chance to shave with them I'll post again with the results. I hope they are good soaps because these scents are awesome, just hope they have a good lather as well.
Testimonial By: Joe Spratlin — Bolton, MS, United States

the whole nine yards

"Flavored" bath soaps followed with same "flavor" shave soap followed with same "flavor" after shave milk.. I will be able to smell myself coming a mile away !! Olfactory nirvana !! You should develop a scented line-up for hunters !! Lol You are amazing with the accuracy of your varied formulary ! Your product's scents are so long lasting after application, designer high money products are minor league in comparison ! Three Wows for you :)
Testimonial By: Dennis Parlette — Curtice, OH, United States

Blown Away

Hey Sue,
Just received a package from you, first thing that hit me was the amazing smell of your products. The shave soaps are awesome, got a really nice lather and it filled my bathroom with the smell of frankincense. The aftershave balm cooled my face and completely did away with any razor burn.

Thank you for your amazing products and for your awesome service.
Testimonial By: Josh Bonner — Calgary, AB, Canada

Dublin Tweed Shave Soap

Your 'Dublin Tweed' shave soap is a favorite. It not only lathers up great for a great shave but the scent is like taking a little vacation before heading out in the morning. I have a large container but I also purchased a smaller round to give a buddy. He really likes it too. Thanks for your skill and your site.
Testimonial By: William Bettis — Chillicothe, OH, United States

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