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Great shaving experience

I have been a DE shaver for a few years now, and had used both canned foam, and off the shelf mug soaps. But once I touched badger bristles to the 1.5 oz cake of Mamma Bear soap and worked up a lather, I had the best shave ever. And it lubricated so well that I didn't even have to pull my alum block off the shelf, or required any transfusions. Thank you for a great product.
Testimonial By: Jay Miller — St Johnsbury, VT, United States

Wonderful Product and Service

After doing quite a bit of research on shave soaps I decided to order from Mama Bear. One of the things I liked was that the shipping was reasonable. There were some sites that the shipping was going to be as much or more than the product. I ran into two problems at Mama Bear, the first was there were some products that the weight increased the shipping drastically. So, I emailed and the response was quick and a reasonable solution to fix the problem. The second, was my order kept having issues. After some more emailing with quick responses back I finally was able to get the order through. Not sure the problem and could have been my computer. In return for my bit of hassle I was given a few slivers to try (thanks).

I have tried all the scents that I ordered and was given. Mysore Sandalwood is the mug soap I ordered. I love the scent of sandalwood and this is wonderful. My wife like the smell as well and also likes the Spicey Lime. Thought I would like the Toasted Coconut, which I did but the scent is very mild so was Morning Cup. Dragon's Blood and Spellbound Woods both have a nice scent. My favorites are the Mysore Sandalwood and the Spicey Lime.

All of the soaps lathered well, of coarse you have to get the water ratio to soap right. I believe it is just as slick or slicker than what I have bought at a drug store. I'm sure with the higher priced soaps you might find something slicker as I have read form reviews but for the price I think it is a great product.
Testimonial By: Kevin Murrell — Everson, PA, United States


The only thing better than the fast shipping, is the quality of the products.
Testimonial By: Rick Juneau — Slidell, LA, United States

Best yet!!

I have been using shaving soap for over 20 years. I have used may soaps in that time, some good and some not so good. I judge soap on lather and comfort of the shave. I normally use a safety razor but from time to time I like a straight razor, as my wife is very good with one. The scent is the top issue with my wife. I cannot say enough about Mama Bear?s soap, it lathers like no other I have used, the shave is as smooth as a baby?s backside and my wife loves the scents. Great product!!
Testimonial By: Charles Brown — Pasco, WA, United States

A Great Shave

Have been using this product for a few years now. I have been given other soaps to try but Mama Bears has the richest lather that makes shaving with it a dream
Testimonial By: Mark Goldstein — Monroe, NY, United States

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