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This is just a test submission to show you how it looks, great, eh?
Testimonial By: Clyde Designs

Fine Products - Excellent Customer Service

The title says it all. My latest order of shave soap (Aged Spice) arrived today. Love the product! Great customer service! Speedy Delivery! Mama Bear and her staff do it right!!
Testimonial By: Mike McClelland

Thank you Sue!

Thanks again for the great service Sue! I love supporting American Mom and Pop businesses. Recently got my samples in. So far, I love the smell of vetivert. Smells like grass and lemons in a way. I might make one of these into a shave stick for my traveling dad. Really good stuff. Order with confidence!
Testimonial By: Neil Yasnogorodsky

Fast Shipping

Super fast shipping! Have to praise this company for its super fast shipping =)
Testimonial By: Amanda Lind

Dragon's Blood Must Have Came From A Real Dragon

I have been recently lured into wetshaving with a DE razor and started off with basically the same stuff everyone gets. I then began lurking around on Badger and Blade, possibly one of the coolest forums I've been on due to its very helpful members and began hearing lots of things about Mama Bear's Soaps. Every single person who tried this handmade soap loved it. So, I took a leap of faith and ordered Dragon Blood, a soap that is supposedly, the strongest smelling one they have. If you could imagine what I medieval castle with fire breathing dragons would smell like, this is the exact same smell in a plastic tub. In a nutshell it smells sort of like burned incense. And for a lack of better words, like something Indian. Very very nice smell. And it is impeccably easy to later. I loaded my badger brush for only 20 seconds and made an amazing lather in my bowl that lasted me for my entire shave but in total would have easily been enough for 5-6 passes. Excellent soap, excellent company, and excellent service. Please try to support small local businesses. They keep America going!
Testimonial By: Neil Yasnogorodsky

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