Lathering Techniques

This video was created by a customer of ours in Norway. It shows excellent shave soap lathering methods using our soap. Be aware that it is in Norwegian, however it is very enlightening even if you don't speak the language. View our YouTube.

Creating Lather with Glycerin Shaving Soaps

When you shave, there is only one thing between the blade and your skin. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn how to make a good lather and buy good soap.

Enclosed are numerous pictues of how I lather my glycerin soaps. Note that I do create lather directly on the face a majority of the time as I find it to be quicker, but when I'm going for luxury/style points....I do it right with a scuttle and heavy bowl. Some find lathering in a bowl or on your face is easier or more enjoyable. Experimentation is encouraged!

by Joe Rydzewski 


#1 Equipment Used: SR 3124, Mama Bear TJs Trade Wind Shaving Soap, Thick Bowl, Large Scuttle, Hot water

 #2 Scuttle in sink with brush, getting drenched in hot water:

#3 Bowl & Soap Soaking in hot water: see note below

#4 Bowl, Scuttle, Brush ready for action (one slight shake of brush to remove excess water):

#5 Hitting the soap with brush:

#6 I always do a thorough job of getting the soap into the brush, making sure to get soap all throughout it. I grind and mash the brush into the soap quite a bit and stop when the lather begins flowing over the tub....usually end up with something like this:

#7 Here's a shot of the brush after loading process:

#8 Now I transfer to the bowl to begin working up the lather (first shot):

#9  More water added, more swirling, pumping of the brush:

#10 Even more water added, more swirling, more pumping of the brush:

#11 And still more swirling, pumping, etc:

#12 Wooo! Lather!:

#13 Lather, different angle:

#14 When satisfied with the state of lather (slipperiness, thickness), you can begin working on your face. At this point, however, I transfer all lather to the scuttle where it can be kept warm:

#15 Slathered all over hand to show depth:

#16 Always give the guy a break after a workout:

Note: Many people find that adding water directly to the soap tub will use a tub of soap up much faster and skip this step, loading the brush only in the tub and building lather either in a bowl or directly on your face.

Are you interested in learning more about wetshaving? Please also see the videos created by Mantic on YouTube.

Mark has created an entire series on wetshaving techniques and covers many nuances of the art both basic and obscure. These are worth taking the time to explore and are quite a resource. This is for learning purposes only, there is no endorsement of my prodcts in any way shape or form being offered by Mantic in allowing me to offer these learning tools to you.  Thank you Mark!

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