Hydrosols and Collagens

What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are by-product of the steam distillation process that produces Essential Oils.  During the distillation process that yields the Essential Oils, the steam containing the oils is chilled, thus turning into water, with a layer of EO floating on top. The EO's are skimmed off and bottled for our use. In some cases the remaining water is just discarded. However, this water contains both minute molecules of the Essential Oil, as well as all the water soluble elements of the plant that are not present in the Oil. These are Hydrosols or Floral/Flower Waters..

Unlike their "essential oil added to water" counterparts, true steam distilled hydrosols contain all the beneficial components that whole plant materials have to offer, and are more true to their scent. They are wonderful and inexpensive as a facial splash, as a deodorant, an air freshener, in the spa, for skin application, during massage, as a base in your body care recipes, and most may be used in culinary creations. They are moisturizing, fragrant, cooling and contain similar properties as essential oils but in much less concentration, which makes them a lovely alternative to those with sensitivities..  they make for a wonderful if not the ultimate aftershave base, replacing what most just use water for...

Rose Hydrosol is both a facial toner and a wonderful linen spray. Chilled peppermint hydrosol is the ultimate summer skin cooler. Witch Hazel is soothing and anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and anti-bacterial, as well as a free radical scavenger recommended for anti-aging skin treatments. Sandalwood hydrosol is very much scent free, but what little scent there is, is considered to be alluring, deeply mesmerizing and an aphrodisiac.

 Collagen is a relatively simple protein, and an important building block for healthy bodies. It
helps skin look firm, with a youthful appearance.

Collagen is present in normal skin. As dead skin cells are sloughed off, new cells replace them. As we age, our supply of collagen is diminished or degraded. This leads to laugh lines, wrinkles and other creases in the skin.  Applying a collagen-enriched lotion or serum to your skin will help to rejuvenate the skin from beneath the surface. Recommended use rate
in lotions and serums is 1-5%. It is effective at all pH levels and is soluble in water and glycerin. It is not miscible in oil.

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