Goat's Milk Soap with Tangerine Essential Oil

On top of all the benefits of Goat's Milk Soap, Tangerine Essential has the following properties

Benefits and Uses of Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil can be used for a variety of purposes. It has multiple health benefits, and you can use it for several home applications. Here’s a list of benefits and uses that make tangerine oil the next best thing in your home.

1. Antiseptic

The tangerine essential oil contains naturally-occurring components which kill bacteria and prevent them from spreading. The essential oil can be applied to open wounds and taken orally to support the healing process of the body.

Its antiseptic properties also help treat dandruff, dry scalp and other scalp infections.

2. Cytophylactic

The term ‘cytophylactic’ means the ability to stimulate the generation of new cells, which aid in preserving the skin’s health. Tangerine is one of the most common cytophylactic essential oils out there. It helps generate new cells and recycle cellular material in the body. As a result, it helps repair or heals the regular wear and tear, or any outstanding damage you experience physically. This oil also promotes a healthy growth within your body.

So if you have scars and stretch marks, add tangerine essential oil to your lotions or creams to help heal skin imperfections.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Tangerine soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the body. It is most beneficial for your circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems. Whenever you have a fever, tangerine essential oil can sedate inflammation. It is also used to reduce impulsive responses, anger, and depression. It also prevents the intrusion of poisonous substances from the bloodstream. Tangerine can help reduce stress, anxiety, convulsions, and allergies.

4. Purifies the Blood

Tangerine is considered a powerful depurative, which purifies your blood and promotes better circulation. It helps in detoxifying your body from unwanted substances such as pollutants, excess salt, and uric acid through your urine, excretory process, or sweat. It also increases the oxygen-retaining capacity of your body’s red blood cells, thus purifying and refreshing the blood.

5. Helps in Proper Digestion

Using tangerine essential oil will help maintain a proper flow of digestive juices. It also supports the right balance between bile and acid. It can help treat any wounds in the stomach. If ever you need to soothe and provide inflammation relief to your stomach, go for this wonder oil. Your stomach will be in top condition with the use of tangerine.

6. Creative Pursuits

Just like its citrus cousins, tangerine is known to uplift a person’s mood. It is also said to impact individual creativity. It helps you connect with your inner child and bring out spontaneous creativeness. You’ll feel happier and more playful, thus getting you out of your head and be light-hearted. So whenever you feel stuck, overwhelmed, heavy-hearted, depressed, cranky or overworked, diffuse this essential oil in your room or office for that instant pick-me-up!

7. Calming Effect

Tangerine essential oil also soothes irritated nerves, as it works as a relaxing agent. It is a sedative that relieves nervousness, anxiety, and depression. You’ll feel a release from tension and emotional imbalances while using this essential oil. You can also use tangerine oil to promote healthy sleeping patterns.

8. Boosts Metabolism

The tonic and stomachic properties of tangerine oil are known to boost metabolism. It supports the entire process of digestion by stimulating the flow of digestive juices, aiding in the absorption of essential nutrients, and healing irritation in the stomach lining and intestines. With proper digestion comes a healthy body and effective weight management.

9. Detoxifying Agent

Tangerine oil facilitates in the removal of toxic substances and other impurities in the body. As the body becomes free from toxins, this becomes the base for optimum health. Use tangerine oil regularly to detoxify your organs effectively. We tell you how you can use Tangerine oil below.

10. Other Health Benefits

Tangerine essential oil is also known to aid in bringing relief to health issues such as breathing problems, severe pain, spasms, muscular cramps, convulsions, spasmodic cholera, asthma, and severe coughs.



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