Goat's Milk Soap with Anise Essential Oil

a. Fighting acne

What a dilemma! In the modern world people, especially teens, this is a growing situation.

Every now and then people are consulting medical experts and doing dangerous aesthetic procedures to get rid of this problem. Medications and laser procedures and whats not. Exhausting isn't it? It is safe to say that they have overlooked the natural ways of treating troubled skin which is much more convenient and also cheaper.

Anise oil has good properties like fighting off infections which can cause acne. Other than that it also deep cleanses the skin from the pores so that acne doesn't begin in the first place.

 Eliminating the problem from the roots, LITERALLY.

b. Wound healing

One of the major actions by the active ingredients of Anise oil is the process of healing and repair. Our skin heals really fast but since it is the most exposed part of us, it is liable to get more damaged. Use of essential oils like this one aids in the protective layer formed over any sort of Injury, Burn, Wound, Acne scars etc.This speeds up and efficiently heals all the injurious effects produced.

c. Antiseptic

Anise oil is the answer to all your antiseptic requirements. A quick disinfection especially in cases of emergency.

Along with this, small abrasions and minor cuts can be dealt with applying this oil to purify the site.


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