Black Bear Tobacco Scented Shave Soap

  • Model: ss86
Date Added: 08/06/2018

5 stars

When I switched back to wet shaving (soap, brush, safety razor) the only shave soap I used for a long time was Mama Bear?s. I've expanded my horizons but still use their products, mostly shave sticks when traveling. My son was a big fan and he turned me on to Mama Bear. I recently got a puck of Black Bear Tobacco Scented Shave Soap and, yes, it?s as good as every other Mama Bear soap I?ve ever used. The puck was a beautiful translucent amber color without a hint of haze anywhere. The scent wasn?t exactly tobacco (to me) but a mixture of tobacco and leather. I found to be quite nice.
The lather produced is very typical of Mama Bear soaps: very thick and rich. I?ve found the secret to using Mama Bear shave soap is to re-wet your brush after the initial lathering and ?fluff up? the foam again or else it?s too thick. This works great and will improve your shave.
Good job on this one, Mama Bear!
by Dennis Tulenson
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