Tahitian Flowers Glycerin Shave Soap

  • Model: shvso120
Date Added: 12/24/2009

5 stars

My favourite scent I've tried so far! Let me say I'm not a very typical girly-girl and the idea of rose or lavender scented things does not appeal to me at all so it was with great caution that I ordered a floral scent. I was even more hesitant as it was specifically in the "For Women" section which also included many perfume-inspired scents that would not appeal to me. So it was with huge relief to me when I smelt this - and I just can't get enough of it! This is a gorgeous floral scent. Fresh, fruity (but not sweet at all) and like fresh-cut tropical flowers. I can't pin-point the floral scent unfortunately though it's listed as gardenia (which oddly enough isn't the flower on the label!). It's like walking through a botanical garden. Lathers very well and I would wear this as perfume all day if I could!
by Danielle Keogh
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