Siberian Fir Needle EO Shaving Soap

  • Model: shso180
Date Added: 05/10/2013

5 stars

I purchased the Canadian Spruce Needle version of this soap back at Christmas along with a number of samples. I had them all in a box together with samples from other companies, and I have been trying them one at a time. I just tried Mama Bears for the first time today. And this is are really good soap! It builds a rich thick lather quickly, providing a thick slick cushion that shaves well. I dare say that it works just as well as some of the more expensive ($25-30) brands that I have tried. And I have tried quite a few. So I highly recommend it, and there are a large number of fragrance here. Surely you can find one you like. For the price and quality this is a real value. Happy shaving!
by James David Miller
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