Andy's Mint (Chocolate and Peppermint) Shaving Soap

  • Model: shso307
Date Added: 03/17/2013

5 stars

I just could not wait to shave with this one! I just had my first momma bear shave yesterday with Turkish soap, the smell was amazing, it smells just like the famous after dinner andie's candies chocolate mint. I traveled into my childhood memories. I just could not wait for dinner to be over so I could get to the after dinner andie's candy. Thank you momma bear for the great shave. The soap lathers like no tomorrow and has great slickness and lots of cushion. My icon de open comb just sang across my face and my face felt smooth and refreshed afterwards. Mms bear soaps are the real deal. I just ordered two more just now, I can't wait to smell pipe tobacco and stout beer soap. Thank you, Kevin Callies
by kevin callies
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