Lemon Rose Shaving Soap

  • Model: shso404
Date Added: 06/22/2012

5 stars

My puck came in this morning, just in time for my shave!

Great label, as always, and when I opened it up, I got hit (in a good way!) with lemon lemon and lemon. Could hardly detect the Rose scent, especially when compared to its sister Roses puck which arrived the same time. Was this puck really going to be a Lemon-Roses, or would it just be a Lemon?

Let my brush and the puck soak for about a minute and then started to load my brush. After about only 10 seconds or so, getting loads of proto-lather, and the lather just started to explode as soon as it hit my scuttle!

NOW the rose scent is coming to life! The lemon is fading into the background but is still there as the rose starts to come to the fore. MMMmmmmmmm

After about a minute or so, the scuttle was filled with gobs of rich and creamy lather and the bathroom was smelling oh so very nice. The lather is easily more than thick and creamy enough for the put-it-in-your-hand-and-squish test!

As always, the proof is is the pudding .... or in this case, how was the shave?

This was a wonderful morning shave! Any concerns over the lemon overpowering the rose have been put to bed. The best way I can describe it is to picture yourself sitting in a rose garden in full bloom, while having a glass of lemonade.

Sue has definitely made a winner here and I can do nothing but recommend that you try this one if you ever get the chance. A big two-thumbs-up from me !!!
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