Aged Spice Glycerin Shave Soap

  • Model: shvso38
Date Added: 02/26/2014

5 stars

I thought, based on reviews I've read, that it would be an ok soap. I was surprised to find it to be one of the best, if not ?the? best soaps I've ever used! Usually I have to relather when I start shaving the second half of my face - by then, the lather has dried out. Not so with this soap. I shaved my whole face, and the lather was rich and moist till the last stroke of my straight razor. Nice ;-) Then, after shaving, my face felt as though I had treated it with some warm, moisturizing lotion. No razor burn, no dryness, just a warm and pleasant feeling. This has to be one of the best soaps I've ever used! I?m just amazed. I?m somewhat biased towards tallow-based soaps, thinking they?re simply the best. How wrong I am. Aged Spice Glycerin Shave Soap is terrific, and it?s glycerin-based! Unbelievable! I can?t wait to try some others. Thanks Mama Bear/Sue ;-)
by Kenneth Bruseth
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