Let me give you the full run down of how the shave went.. Short response: FANTASTIC!  Long Response: Your soaps have some very
interesting characteristics that no other soap I've used has. First of all, the one thing I notice is that once I get a good lather up in my bowl
with my brush, I can almost hear the soap effervescing in the bowl. May I also tell you Sue that I think you've created the finest shave soap there
is. I don't ever recall a soap with so much lather, I mean just exploding on my brush. The Soap, when on my face, sorta tingles a little bit. Not in
a bad way, in a nice way. The next big thing I noticed was how slick my face was while I was shaving. My razor was gliding across my face. I'm
sitting here as I type this stroking my cheeks (face cheeks that is  ) and they are as smooth & cool as I can remember them being with any
other soap/cream I use.
Testimonial By: Justin Soeder

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