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Sue, I've had a chance to try all the soaps and here's what I think so far: Hydrogen: Words can't describe how much I like this one, hehe. I have a face that sucks in moisture. I can put pure Shea butter on it every day and it still needs more, so definitely enough additives in this one for me! Patchouli: I've always wondered what Patchouli smelled like, and I'm glad I bought this one. The smell in the tub is pretty strong, but once it gets on the face and is washed off the smell is delightful and lasts for the entire day. I feel like a lumberjack when I wear this one hehe. Vetiver: Once again, never smelled Vetiver before. The lemon and lime are pronounced on this one along with the Vetiver and the combination of the three are amazing. Bluebonnets and
Wildflowers: Definitely a good recommendation for people who like Trumper's Violet. The girlfriend says the smell is intoxicating, it's her favorite one. The smell is done nicely since the women love it, yet it is still masculine. Thanks again for making such great soaps, but I'm afraid it's going to be a little while before I get more. My shaving brush seems to have badger pattern baldness and he's not lathering properly  I'm going to be getting a new brush soon, and I don't want to waste these wonderful soaps with my current brush. By the way, I did notice that some of the reviews said that the soaps left their face feeling dry. With my dryness problem, using the regular soaps without added moisturizers still
 eft my face feeling pretty soft and not any more dry than before. I'm not sure what those people were talking about.
Testimonial By: Chris

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