Old Spice - My Favorite

Here is my feedback on the cologne I got: Old Spice - my favorite, very classic smelling, lasted all day. Dragon's Blood - this one turned sweet on me almost immediately after I put it on, which is more a function
of my skin chemistry (I have experienced this before with other colognes); it just didn't mix with me at all; my least favorite. Spellbound Woods -
this one on me was kind of between a sandalwood and something too sweet; turned a little sweet on me after about 30 minutes, but not as much as the Dragon's Blood; had a good smell in the bottle, but changed once I put it on. All three were of very good quality and had good lasting power and are
obviously a very good value. I just have trouble with some scents turning sweet, but that's obviously not the fault of the cologne. I think you are
definitely on the right path with your colognes. Hope this helps. Thanks again.
Testimonial By: Larry C.

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