Don't Stop..Just RUN

Good Lord, don't stop to grab anything, just RUN!!! Save yersel'! I wet the top of the Dragon's Tears, then set about heating and wetting my face. I dumped out the water in my mixing bowl, tossed my brush
into a sink full of hot water and then dumped the bit of water from the soap into the bowl. I gave my brush two shakes and set about making a
lather. Now let me just say that I really, really like Tabac soap. It's good stuff and I can usually mix up a pretty nice bowl of lather with it. I've a couple other soaps, but they're finicky about making really rich lather. Back to this evening's emergency. (Have you evacuated yet? If not, RUN!) I'm running the brush around the tub of Dragon's Tears, wishing I had another sip of whisky to enjoy, when there was this sudden rumbling sound. I stopped, in shock and looked to see the source of the sound.  The flippin' tub of soap was erupting like a volcano. There
were mounds of soap all over my hand and dripping onto the counter. I could barely hold onto the tub, it was so slickery. I grabbed my bowl and
started trying to mix lather. That was a mistake. Within twenty swirls, the bowl was full of lather and the rumbling continued, just as the bowl
began to spill over onto the counter. Within seconds, I was knee-deep in lather. Before I could warn anyone, the neighbors were screaming about the
white, sudsy lather spilling into their homes. I was trying to escape, but the lather was so slickery, I kept falling down. The warm, fragrant froth
was up to my eyes, when standing, when I heard the first sirens. The fire department, the police department, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and FEMA were
all pounding on my door. The President was flying overhead in his helicopter, surveying the rapidly growing lather slick that was engulfing
this entire county. And you know what? I'm scared to admit it, but I think the mix could have used a bit more water, because it was starting to go
dry by the time I got to my third pass. When I was finished with that pass, the peaks had all sagged, so I'm convinced it wanted more water.
Good Lord, how good is this stuff? Sweet Jesus, I use a cereal bowl to mix lather in and it was full of lush, peaky lather. I mean FULL. As in
sloshing over the rim of the bowl. I was swishing around in the lather, to locate my brush for my second and third passes. It looked like a bowl full
of absolute, perfect whipping creme. The real stuff, not Cool Whip. I've never had results like that, not even with my favorite cremes, which make
some darned good lather in their own right. I wanted to eliminate variables, so I went with a DE razor. I did have a new Derby blade in it,
so there was one variable. Other than that, I did my usual, 3-pass shave. And it was only the best shave ever. I get really great results with any
of my cremes and just that good with Tabac. And on my first try with your soap, I achieved perfection. And I was serious, I think the mix wanted a
tick more water. I know one thing - I sure don't have to load my brush as much as I would with my other soaps. I can't wait until tomorrow. That's going to be Hydrogen. Woot! Mama Bear for President!
Testimonial By: Mike Ermel — Lafayette, IN

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