Mama Bear Rocks!

Hello Mama Bear,

I just wanted to write to share my joy with your products! I first
discovered your store a few weeks ago while learning about straight razor
shaving on SRP, I believe its called.

Intrigued with the reviews you've had and curious about soaps, shampoos, and
other items that have frustrated me my whole life...I thought I'd take a
chance and order a few products.

I can't begin to describe my joy in opening the first bar of soap (lavender)
and washing with it! It was so pure and beautifully scented..but most of
all, I have never felt so clean and fresh! Next was the shampoo (lavender)
...again, just pure pleasure and clean, soft hair.what's left of it..with a
lasting clean feeling throughout the day..next day..and so on. Then on to
the (lavender) shaving soap...once again a luxurious feeling and a wonderful

I've never been much of a guy to make bathing and shaving an exciting event.
But for the past few weeks I've looked forward to making this process an
adventure! It is funny that I wake up thinking of Mama Bear and instead of
punching the snooze button...I am motivated to get up to enjoy my new
morning routine with your delicious products.

I was excited enough to ask my wife to try a bar of soap.and my shampoo and
she was also quite excited.

When you emailed your Valentine's day promotions, I jumped at the
opportunity to build a basket of goodies for my wife! It arrived on the 10th
and we couldn't wait for the 14th..and my wife is enjoying her bundle as
much as I have mine. I must say that she was quite taken with the bear and
micro'd it per instructions and brought it to bed that first night. I could
not believe the wonderful restful scent that emanated from that little
cuddly all night, so now we have a regular ritual of heating our bear before
bedtime every night.

I am just thrilled to discover your site just north of us here in SE WI.,
and will continue to shop regularly ..and perhaps become more brave in
discovering some of the more complex scents and products you have!

Thanks for providing these wonderful products!


Gary Greenhoe

Testimonial By: Gary Greenhoe

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