Got the cocoa soap last night... Cue the suspenseful music

Whether good or bad I wanted to give
you the first review, I'll post my findings online tonight or tomorrow.
We were both expecting it to smell sweeter but it's a really good
scent. It's light and definitely smells like cocoa. I shaved with it
before bed last night and Mrs. Chip didn't kick me out of the bed for
smelling the place up with a strong scent. Every now and then I caught
a whiff of cocoa and it was very pleasant, she also approved. For all
the times I poke you, I'm embarrassed to say I only have one other soap
you've made and that's the pure neroli oil. I love the neroli oil soap
but this stuff blew it out of the water. Like I said to my wife last
night, it's easily the best shave I've had since I started wet shaving.
We might have to get a second tub so she actually gets to use it.

I also have a funny story for you, it turns out the cats love the soap
too. I rubbed my finger on the soap to get an idea of the smell and our
oldest one came up to me, sniffed my finger, and licked the soap off.
I'm not sure whether you were also going for feline approval but it
looks like you have it. Oh, and if you want me to love you forever,
could you do a mix of this and mint? =)

Thanks again,

Sandor (Chip)
Testimonial By: Sandor (Chip)

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