FO Warning

Fragrance Oils Warning.

Shaving Soaps using Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oils

These soaps are made using synthetic fragrances. Synthetics are chemically derived and are not natural as the essential oils are. They tend to be stronger and longer lasting fragrances usually with many more nuances and more depth. However many people are sensitive to fragrance oils and this sensitivity is never more prevalent than when used as a shaving soap as you are roughing up your skin while using them. Some gentlemen may not have a problem using fragrance oils in any other manner than in a shaving soap. Before using these I strongly recommend that you do a small patch test to see how your skin may react to these. For more information see here.  If you have ever had a reaction to fragrance of any sort, do not use any of the soaps fragranced with FO's.

Fragrance oils are synthetic fragrances and not natural. Some people are 'fragrance sensitive' meaning they have allergic reactions to fragrances. This can be especially true when shaving as the skin has often been abraded by the razor during the shaving process. Unfortunately, we are never sure when a particular fragrance may be a problem so any time you use a different fragrance, always do a test patch first. Some of my fragrances are particular culprits and those include Beau Brummel and Dragon's Blood.

It is Always best to do a patch test before using any fo's. If you experience a burning sensation from the shaving soap, please wash off immediately and discontinue use.

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